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Whatever your views on cannabis, there are plenty of marijuana tech companies springing up and capitalizing on a booming industry. Legalizing this recreational drug in different parts of the world has opened up new opportunities that we can’t ignore. 

With a booming market, innovation follows. And, startups are creative about how the weed industry engages a growing customer base. Here, we highlight various marijuana tech companies and the contributions they make to the industry.


If you’ve been watching marijuana tech companies, you know that Eaze is one of the best marijuana apps out there. The business began out of founder Keith McCarty’s apartment and only started with four employees. Eaze has now grown and is popularly known as the ‘Uber of weed.’

Eaze offers cannabis users same-day deliveries on all their purchases. When it began, the intention was for people who needed medical marijuana to get it right at their doorsteps. The app now serves thousands of users spread across 100 cities.

Eaze is one of the marijuana tech companies that have made it easy for marijuana users to access the recreational drug through its user-friendly app. The company also helps retailers ensure their deliveries are compliant and offers a seamless e-commerce experience to consumers. This includes information on safe consumption and product selection.


Next on our list of marijuana tech companies is MassRoots. Think of it as a social network for the cannabis community. This social network is home to more than one million users and is one of the few publicly traded companies in the cannabis tech industry. Users log into their mobile or desktop apps to find smoking buddies, strains or dispensaries, and post content.

The platform makes it easy for dispensaries to post updates and connect with customers. While there are similar social networking and marketing platforms out there, MassRoots is the most popular. In addition, the company has launched a platform for dispensaries that manages online ordering and automatic menu updates.


You might not consider this purveyor of marijuana seeds to be a tech company, but delivering as many orders as the undisputed most-popular-shop for seed bank in the world does, you have to have technology on your side. ILGM is a seed bank that carries the cannabis world’s most popular strains, as well as some interesting rare ones.


Eyechronic is one of the dispensary marijuana tech companies that offer various TV-friendly content, ad spots, digital solutions for advertising, educational cannabis content, and dispensary menus. The company’s ads work on different dispensary displays such as reader boards, kiosks, and tablets.


Headset was founded by Scott Vickers (co-founder of Leafly), Cy Scott, and Brian Wansolich. The Business Intelligence platform offers mobile, tablet, and desktop apps to give dispensaries, growers, and retailers leading insights on real-time sales data, consumer trends, and reporting to assist marijuana businesses improve the efficiency of their inventory and keep up with the vital product, industry, and brand trends.

In today’s world, where people need timely data, the company has helped businesses make confident decisions to take fast action and stay ahead of competition and trends.

Thanks to LeafLink, cannabis brands, retailers, and dispensaries can stay connected. The B2B platform has recently secured $17 million in funding for its wholesale management portal. The portal features a CRM system, an online marketplace, and other management tools. It is live in Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and California.


If you’re considering app-controlled growing, the first company you should think about is Seedo. It’s an automated, home-growing device that’s almost the size of a small fridge. A grower can choose which strain to grow with the help of the app. They don’t need to open the device after planting until it’s harvest time.

Seedo is one of the many startups offering a home-growing kit of this kind. Similar solutions are offered by LEAF and Grobo. The device offers a self-contained ecosystem featuring internal HD monitoring cameras, LED lighting, and user-friendly DIY packaging.


There are a couple of marijuana tech companies in the race to overcome the cannabis banking problem. MTRAC is the new kid on the block. Also known as MoneyTrac Technology, the company seeks to ‘bank the unbankable’ using various products. It offers dispensaries a kiosk that customers can use to deposit cashless payments.

MTRAC makes use of permissioned blockchain for cashless deposits, unlike open blockchain, where trades require cryptocurrency. The company also has its cryptocurrency called MTRAC-TOKEN. This crypto is sold as a share of the company’s PIBCO (Public Initial Blockchain. The company is developing a consumer wallet app that will be available on both iOS and Android.


GreenRush is one of the best marijuana tech companies. It’s similar to Eaze in the way it operates. The company offers a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to get the products they require delivered locally. Users can check out special deals and get access to top brands on the platform.

GreenRush has collaborated with other companies all over the U.S. Weed users in Nevada, California, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland can get marijuana products delivered to their doorstep. To use GreenRush, all you need to do is get on their website and search for CBD or cannabis products.

GreenRush is a life-saver for consumers looking for high-quality products without the hassle of searching.


Marijuana tech companies aren’t solely focused on consumers’ wants and needs. They also cater to cannabis businesses and dispensaries by coming up with innovative technology such as software that helps businesses conduct their day-to-day business effectively. Baker is an excellent example of an innovative tech company.

Baker targets marijuana companies by offering a CRM platform that helps cannabis businesses improve their customer relations. The platform helps businesses improve their customer lists, imagine new ways of customer engagement, market products, and provides analytics. The company makes it easy for businesses to offer customer rewards, home deliveries, and online menus.

This kind of innovation helps weed businesses enhance customer experience, increase sales, and encourage return customers. Baker is the leading platform in helping companies become more efficient and realize growth.

Wrap Up

Whether it’s cannabis-infused ice cream, oils, or preferred strains, consumers expect that their purchases will be as convenient as possible. For businesses to meet this demanding need, marijuana tech companies need to be innovative in helping dispensaries and businesses become as efficient as possible.

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